Phosphorsäuregewinnung aus sekundären und primären Quellen
Phosphorsäuregewinnung aus sekundären und primären Quellen 

Our Values

"A world without waste of resources"

Every day humanity consumes resources of our world. Some of these resources regenerate others do not. The "Global Footprint Network" calculates every year the day of the year at which annual consumption exceeds the annual capacity of our planet regenerate the consumed resources. Due to ever increasing consumption especially of the developed world this day comes ever sooner. At the same time, non-regenerating resources such as fossil fuels and scarce minerals are used up, without having their finite supply sufficiently in mind.


We want to contribute to change this.


At the Institute of Technical Chemistry at TU Bergakademie Freiberg we developed the PARFORCE technology to regain the vital mineral phosphor from secondary resources. Most food stuffs contain phosphor, which the human body can store only to a certain degree. The surplus of P is discarded, ends up in our waste water from where it is eliminated. P then gets - with all other harmful substances and toxins - into the sewage sludge from where it is lost. Our technology will change this. For us regaining phosphor is only the beginning.

"We make sustainability economically feasible"

We want to take an active role in protecting our environment and to contribute to save guarding our planet for future generations. 

Industry is confronted with harsh, global completion. Economic pressure often leads companies to discard secondary resources rather than regaining them. Reason is that there are only few economical recycling technologies available.


We offer an alternative. Through scientific research we develop technologies that allow more effective solutions - the urge for innovation is our driving force to make sustainability economically feasible. We want to make recycling more profitable than disposing of waste. We want to contribute to moving forward into developing a "Zero Waste" economy.

PARFORCE founding team (Photo: Detlev Müller)

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